Learning on Screen offer a training course on Moving Image Metadata

The BUFVC’s Learning on Screen are offering a training course:

‘An Introduction to Moving Image Metadata’

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Date: Thursday 9 November 2017

Time: 10am to 5pm

Location: Learning on Screen, 77 Wells Street, London, W1T 3QJ

Presented by Dr Joel Eaton

“With our training course you will learn the requirements of descriptive metadata and how it is used with audiovisual assets in the UK. You will gain practical knowledge around all aspects of descriptive moving image metadata, obtaining the key skills to boost your professional development.”


Introduction to Moving Image Metadata will introduce what metadata is, and explain why archivists and cataloguers need it. You’ll be introduced to different schemas for moving image metadata and descriptive metadata, and learn to map metadata across different systems with practical exercises. We’ll highlight the value of ontology, and focus on ‘metadata in practice’, looking at pragmatic approaches to metadata and management systems.

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