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All documents are available to download as PDF documents – you can get adobe PDF reader here free at Adobe Acrobat Reader.

UK Policy

Moving History: Towards a Policy for the UK Moving Image Archives

In 2000 the Film Archive Forum published a statement of principles, entitled Moving History: Towards a Policy for the UK Moving Image Archives. The document sets out ten principles as the basis of a policy for the public sector moving image archives in the UK.

Download here Part One (186KB)

Download here Part Two (390KB)

Hidden Treasures: The UK Audiovisual Archive Strategic Framework

The Museums, Libraries and Archives Council has published Hidden Treasures: The UK Audiovisual Archives Strategic Framework. The document provides a blueprint for the future development of audiovisual archives across the UK. The document was commissioned by MLA and produced by a steering group comprising members of the British Library Sound Archive and the Film Archive Forum.

Download here (332KB)

UK Film Heritage Group, R. Kelly, BFI (ed.); Strategy for UK Screen Heritage, BFI (2007)

This document, which was prepared by a group that represented national and regional film archive interests in the UK, defined its vision very simply and directly: “Our vision is that the public is entitled to access, learn about and enjoy its rich screen heritage wherever they live and wherever the materials are held.” It led to the Government in late 2007 investing over £20m in the BFI and the English regional film archives.

Download here (332KB)

The Moving Image Archive Framework: Policies, Standards and Guidelines

This document (a work in progress) brings together a selection of ‘standards’ for moving image archives in nationally and internationally-produced documents, generated by the film/audiovisual archive community, the wider archive and heritage community, and national and international bodies and governments.

Download here (201KB)

FIAF Publications

This Film is Dangerous: A Celebration of Nitrate Film (2002)

This Film is Dangerous is an anthology published by the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF) to examine and to celebrate the life, the death, the afterlife and the mythology of nitrate film. Editor: R. Smither

Available from:

The Advanced Projection Manual, T. Sætervadet, FIAF (2005)

Designed for cinema engineers and projectionists with an introduction to electronic and digital projection technologies.

Available from:

FIAF Digital Projection Guide, T. Sætervadet, FIAF (2012)

Designed for archives and cinémathèques with chapters on digital cinema packages and 3D.

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