Film Archives UK – developing the film archive sector

Film Archives UK (FAUK) brings together archives, archivists, associate organisations and individuals who are interested in and committed to the work and development of the UK’s public sector film archives.

Since 1895, moving images have been made in the UK. The films, which have survived and are now in our regional archives throughout the UK, have acquired great cultural significance because of their value to education, research, communities, film-makers and television.

The long-term good health of these films and the archives who serve as their stewards is vital to our national ability to preserve, digitise and provide public access to this important heritage both for now and in the future.

FAUK plays an important role in making this happen through dialogue, exchange of knowledge, partnership and awareness-raising. FAUK therefore sits at the heart of a federation of interests that benefit through formal and informal collaboration.

Incorporated as a company with charity objects in 2012, FAUK is committed to promoting the professional interests of the film archive sector and developing and sharing an understanding of best practice in relation to:

  • the preservation of all moving images (film, video and digital; amateur & professional; cinema & television)
  • the transfer of film & video tape to digital files
  • analogue and digital storage
  • cataloguing and metadata
  • resource development
  • online delivery
  • copyright & licensing
  • public access & outreach
  • programme production (such as compilations and Digital Cinema Packages)
  • moving image archive standards
  • archival ethics
  • research, teaching & learning related to these practices and the wider public role of film archives
  • film archive training & professional development

FAUK’s quarterly meetings and special events are dedicated to furthering the sector’s professional work as we all engage with new practices, technologies, opportunities and policies as they emerge.

FAUK is committed to supporting and nurturing this sector and working to secure its long-term future.