Since the earliest days of film making nearly 120 years ago, people have been recording the places they live – their families, streets, schools, shops, workplaces, important events, everyday lives – all of which have been captured on film by professionals, amateur enthusiasts, cine clubs and home movie makers alike.


Hull is no exception, and the Yorkshire Film Archive are launching their new Film Search Hull campaign to find and preserve Hull’s very own film heritage, so that once again people will be able to see and share the amazing images and stories revealed through these astonishing film collections.

YFA already hold some fantastic examples, but we know that there must be more collections out there, and as we move into the digital world film is becoming increasingly difficult to watch in its original analogue format; these precious collections start to deteriorate over time.  Film Search Hull, supported by Film Hub North, is the opportunity to find these collections so that we can safeguard the original films, and digitise them so they can once again be seen – in local screenings and events, and online.

Our aim is to ensure we work towards creating a lasting legacy – Hull’s Film Heritage Collection, which can be seen and enjoyed by people now, and for generations to come. The first steps are to make sure we search out any hidden gems, and ensure they are preserved and cared for.

So, we are asking the people of Hull:

  • Did your family have a home movie camera – and do you still have the films?
  • Do you know of any film or video collections that are buried in the backs of cupboards?
  • Did you work for a company who made films about their business, or know of an amateur film maker who recorded local events?



If so, we are keen to hear from you – whether its footage from decades ago, or much more recent material – it all builds to create a compelling visual history of the city.