LIFE IN LOCKDOWN – London’s Screen Archives published Key Workers gallery

LSA footage highlights the work of keyworkers over the years.

A letter from Ann 1955

Life in lockdown is still full on with many FAUK members focusing on digital outreach.

At the beginning of April, LSA launched a new online outreach initiative – Film of the Week. Every Monday, they will either promote a title that’s topical and taps into anniversaries or various current events, or a recently digitised film, something that’s interesting in its own right. The aim is to regularly and systematically promote all the exciting, lovely content hosted on the LSA website via Film London’s social media channels including Twitter and Facebook.

The titles featured so far are:

Good Friday 1938:

Spring Is in the Air:

A Letter from Anne: a day in the life of a nurse at Queen Mary’s hospital, Sidcup 1955:

The last title on that list is the one we featured most recently and it’s part of our newly published London’s Key Workers gallery that pays tribute to those working hard to keep us safe and keep the nation running, which was compiled by LSA intern Alex Ewing:

A letter from Ann 1955